Studio BABAI

Let’s go, it’s time to launch the company of your dreams, or just make yours sharper, bigger and warmer. Studio Babai helps your business become more characterful through design.

Studio Babai offers creative support for brands in the design, lifestyle, culture and family + kids market. We help companies understand their purpose so that they can easily meet the needs of the contemporary tribes and enter their lives in a meaningful way. Thanks to our project STUDIO BABAI FUTURE TRENDS, we explore the future of the market and help companies take all the necessary strategic steps. We connect with a refined audience of contemporary parents through BUREAU AND FAMILY, our new editorial work, while our animation department ANIMAMI sets brands in motion.

We design and market your business across all mediums.

Founded by Ines Ivkovic,
Studio Babai is based in Imola, Italy.
Services Strategy + Visual Identity + Print + Digital + Digital Marketing + Film + Photography + Illustration + Animation + Packaging + Product Design + Advertising (TV, Digital)

Approach We help entrepreneurs believe in what they do (and in themselves) because we know what it takes to launch a business. We tackle their brand’s purpose, culture and aspirational positioning, since we know that customers are willing to pay a lot for brands that produce distinct and characterful goods.

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